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To complement our windows and doors we can offer a personal glass bespoke service. Our knowledgeable team is always available to discuss the particular requirement of your individual project, whether single, double, triple or feature glazing.

Decorative Glass

glazing scotland It's so easyy to turn a door into a warm and welcoming focal point of your home. By creatively combining the essential elements of colour, light and the subtleties of shape and shade, decorative glass panels can transform any entrance way into an artistic statement of elegance and style.

Our window panel designers and decorative glazing artists can recreate any example you may have. Using our extensive range of standard components they can also develop your own ideas or create totally original decorative glazing concepts to suit your individial requirements and endow your home with a unique entrance feature.

Self Cleaning Glass

glazing scotland The unique dual action self cleaning coating is located on the external pane of glass. The coating has reveolutionary photo - catalytic and hydrophilic properties, and works in two stages.

Stage 1 - The coating reacts with natural daylight to break down and loosen dirt.

Stage 2 - When it rains the water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass, helping to wash away any dirt and reduce streaking.

Leaded Glass

glazing scotland Leaded glass with a coloured film is a modern alternative to traditional lead work. The lead is applied to the glass face and coloured filmhighlights coloured areas.

Insulating Glass Units

glazing scotland A super Spacer window will help keep you home warmer and your energy costs lower. Unlike conventional double glazing, windows fitted with Super Spacer between the two panes of glass actively block heat in, where most energy loss normally occurs. These area available it Float Glass, Patterned glass, Toughened and Laminated glass.

Conservation Double Glazing

glazing scotland Conservation double glazing are very slim units with a very small perimeter edge seal of only 5mm, this maintains the desire and appeal of the slimmer astragal. These units can be fixed in place by timber glass beads or conventional putty. Units are all manufactured with a self cleaning invisible coating which is applied to the outer pane.